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Products & Services



The MISCO team is carefully selected, highly skilled and knowledgeable. We work with good quality materials and take pride in all details of the work we carry out, which ultimately drives our goal of delivering quality to the highest standards, resulting in surpassing our customers’ needs and expectations.

In our Dandenong location, we have full fabrication and manufacturing capabilities.

Some of the parts we have made are:

• Busbar Cleats and Supports

• Plain and drilled Meter Panels

• Gland plates

• Bobbins

• Spacers and Washers

Quality Control

Quality Control

Whether it is incoming or outgoing, every MISCO product and material used goes through a rigorous level of quality control, no detail is overlooked.

Our workshop floor space is well designed and maintained to accommodate the process that will ensure manufacturing errors are reduced or eliminated, giving our customers confidence our guarantee and quality assurance is measured to our high standards.



Our suppliers are well established local and global companies and important to our success and reputation, by clear communication and working closely with them, we’re committed to using the best materials in the market including 

  • Type X Switchpanel 
  • Densified Wood 
  • GPO-3
  • Fabric and Paper Bakelite
  • G10 & G11
  • FHT & SG200
  • Polycarbonate and PVC

Strong partnerships are essential to assist us in our commitment to our customers and your mind can be at ease knowing that we are producing the best product with competitive pricing, product quality assurances with on-time delivery. 

Whether it is for Materials, drawings or solutions to any issues that arise in your busy and varied day, Misco can assist to provide a timely, accurate and cost-effective answer that ensures customers get the best advice and support that will become a valuable resource.